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Maude Lauziere Dumas lives and works in Montreal. She began training in 2010 in arts and crafts where she specialized in jewelry. She has been refining her assembly techniques for several years in the foundry industry and in different Montreal artist studios.  She thus begins a process of critical reflection on the methods of making objects and the role of the artist as compared to the artisan. This interest guided her towards undergraduate studies in visual arts in 2016. There she developed a multidisciplinary practice composed of installations, videos and photography from a performative and sculptural perspective. Her recent exhibitions include Malaises, Gham and Dafe, Montreal (2019); Living Things, Galerie VAV, Montreal (2019); Art Crush in time, Galerie Articule, Montreal (2018) Union and Competition, Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijin (2018) Crafting the Future, Canadian Craft Biennial, Toronto (2018) It's not done yet, Galerie Mai, Montreal (2017) Plaisirs Renouvelés, Lab Design, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (2017) So clean, So fresh, Ethical Metalsmiths, Ohio (2016). In 2019, she participated in the artist residency program at the Center For Creative Reuse at Concordia University. She was also two-time finalist for the prestigious Francois Houdé Award in 2016 and 2017 which was exhibited at the Canadian Guild of Crafts of Quebec. Maude plans to graduate this year from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Sculpture.
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